Square LED ceiling light, 7W, 550lm, C2508F-DIM
Adopt GENUNE NICHIA LED, natural white 50Lm, warm white 525Lm, widely replacement for 50W halogen, dimmable down to 5% with most of trailing edge and leading edge dimmers, 3 years warranty


Model Number C2508F-DIM (WW)/C2508F-DIM(NW)
Power consumption 7W
CRI 85 / 95
Efficiency(lm/W) 75lm/W / 79lm/W
Colour Temperature 2400K/2700K/3000K/4000K/5000K
Beam Angle 36°
Input Voltage 220-240VAC
Lumens 525lm / 550lm
Material Aluminum
Driver Internal
Dimension(mm) 92×92x55
Net Weight 223g
Lifetime(hr) 40000
Working Temperature -5℃+35℃
Dimmable Yes

Note: Lumens of CRI 95 LED is around 15% lower than lumens of CRI 85 LED.