COB ceiling light,6.5W, 530lm, Dimmable C2506-COB-DIM
Extreme Economical ceiling Light, retrofit for smaller cutout of 68-75mm. Compatible with almost all dimmers, smart dim without any noise or flickers, adjustable beam direction with 30°,besides, its ultra min-size of only 46mm height and integrated elegant design makes it perfect for target lighting where additional illumination is required.


Model Number C2506-COB-DIM(WW)/C2506-COB-DIM(NW)
Power consumption 6.5W
CRI 85
Efficiency(lm/W) 78lm/W / 81lm/W
Colour Temperature 2700K/3000K/4000K/5000K/6000K
Beam Angle 36°/60°
Input Voltage 220-240VAC
Lumens 505-530lm
Material Heat-conductive plastic+ Aluminum
Cutting Size(mm) Φ68-75
Dimension(mm) Φ85×55
Net Weight 210g
Lifetime(hr) 25000
Working Temperature -5℃+35℃
Dimmable Yes