In the children's room decoration, the health and safety are always the most important factors which parents consider. However, most people only notice indoor air pollution after decoration, such as the pollution caused by coatings, but often overlook another pollution which can also cause harm to children's physical and mental health, that is lighting pollution. Survey shows that the incidence of juvenile myopia up to 60%, light pollution is the main reason caused this phenomenon; Moreover, in recent years, it also continually burst out "800 degrees of myopia of 2 years old children" , "precocious puberty of 4 years old girls" such amazing news, light pollution is also the chief culprit which caused this problem.


What is lighting pollution? Why it is such a big influence of children’s health?

Experts found that, under normal circumstances, human eyes can adapt to a range of optical radiation since the regulation action of pupil. However, when the light radiation is increased to a certain amount, it will have adverse effects on humans’ health of whom living and working under this environment, which is light pollution. Children are more susceptible to the light pollution damage because they are in their early stages of physical and mental growth.

How to create a healthy light environment for Children?

Experts believe that lighting pollution is mostly caused by strobe, pale and radiation of light, so we must stop these problms fundamentally. LED has been proven to be the most healthy and environmentally friendly green light, to create a safety and healthy lighting environment for children.


Without strobe, radiation, to protect  the health of children’s vision.


Strobe will have a stimulating effect with humans’ visual system, seriously affecting people's visual health, especially for children who is in vision development period.There will be more or less flicker problems of tranditional lights, which is the main reason effected children’s vision. Shanghai Winsun’s lighting products use sufficient power constant current driver, Boost converter (first stage) and a Buck converter(second stage) technology and fundamentally eliminate strobes.


In addition, the light radiation is the major cause of vision loss, poor quality LEDs will produce harmful blue light radiation, the worst would lead to cataracts, blindness and other diseases. NICHIA LED adopts polymer coating technology to avoid harmful radiation and protect eyesight.

Prefer soft light, let children bath in natural light


In children's room, light output is not the brighter the better. Too bright will have severe irritation to eyes, not only affects the visual health, but also has psychological impact to the children and easily to cause solitary, restlessness, irritability and other personalities. For children, close to soft light in the morning which is the most comfortable and appropriate light.

Color temperature is one of the most important reference of the light output, higher color temperature causes too bright light output and strong irritant. Lower color temperature leads to inadequate lighting and fatigue. Appropriate color temperature with CRI 80 or higher is much better, let children bath in natural light.The color temperature of 4000k or less is enough for indoor use, but not 5000k or more. Shanghai Winsun’s lighting products are CRI85 or CRI95, and wide color temperature 2400k, 2700k, 3000k, 4000k for your choice.


Good heat dissipation, long life, to avoid safety hazards

Children's room is their most important activities for learning and resting. So the safety of every facility must be ensured. Common lamps usually use materials with poor heat dissipation which not only will shorten lifetime of the lamps, but also easily to cause burning, electric shock, etc. Shanghai Winsun’s LED lamps use unique designed heat sink and driver to avoid any safety problems, all products with EMC, LVD approval from SGS.