Unified glare rating(UGR) method is used to evalute(psychological) glare. The new European standard sets UGR < 19 as the maximum permissible value for offices(work areas for reading, writing, meetings, computer-based work), and 22 for sales areas, shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, craft and light industries etc.


We're glad to inform that Shanghai Winsun's NEW COB LED DOWN LIGHTS UGR<19 were improved better with perfect performance. Furthermore, details of the test report below:



The lumens is much higher, up to 2700lm 8inch 30w.

And the beam angle change to 50° / 60° / 75°, much perfect than before.

Specifications below:

8inch 8inch 6inch 4inch 3inch
30w 20w 20w 12w 10w
2700lm 1500lm 1500lm 850lm 680lm
50° / 75° 50° / 75° 50° / 75° 50° / 75° 60°




Original NICHIA and LUMINUS COB led 

CRI 85 is normal, but CRI 95 is also available, lumens is about 15% lower than that of CRI 85

Equable and soft light wihtout glaring or ghosting

TRIAC dimming, down to 5%, compatible with dimming systerm, for example, DALI.

CE & ROHS & SAA & C-tick approval from SGS


Samples are available for your further inspection.

If any question, kindly feel free to contact for more information.