European Standard EN 12464 regulates the lighting of indoor workplaces. In doing so, the unified glare rating(UGR) method is used to evalute(psychological) glare. The new European standard sets UGR < 19 as the maximum permissible value for offices(work areas for reading, writing, meetings, computer-based work), and 22 for sales areas, shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, craft and light industries etc.


"Perfect anti-glare, comfortable lighting" is what WINSUN new COB down light brings you. Different ceiling cut-outs of 3 inch, 4 inch, 6 inch and 8 inch, they can be fitted with a variety of lamps ranging from LV and HV halogen lamps and compact fluorescent lamps through to high-intensity discharge lamps.



These COB led down lights achieved the single source, perfect color quality and same market-leading lumens output and CBCP, they are a critical tool for accent lighting in restaurants, homes and hospitality applications, outperforming halogen lamps.






Original NICHIA and LUMINUS COB led, CRI 85 is normal, but CRI 95 is also available, lumens is about 15% lower than that of CRI 85

30w 2400lm  20w 1380lm  12w 780lm  10w 680lm

Equable and soft light wihtout glaring or ghosting

TRIAC dimming, down to 5%

Standard size, 3inch/4inch/6inch/8inch

10w/12w/20w/30w for your choice


Samples are ready for your further inspection.

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