Shanghai Winsun Electronics Co.,Ltd is a company which focuses on LED lighting solve system and specializes inproducing lighting equipment and parts.In order to provide people with a comfortable lighting environment,we keep in developing new products which are easy-to-use,energy-efficient,environmental protection and economical so that people can easy to hold them.


Different requirements from users are the guide of Winsun's developping,we produce different products according to various fields to meet different requirement. Meanwhile we also provide OEM and ODM service to let our products meet the needs of the market.We treat distributers as our most important customers and try our best to provide support to help them make success. It is very important to grasp the relationship between distributers and us, andwe reflect upon how to handle this relationship everyday.


LED lighting technology not only economical and energy-efficient,but also has the advantage of environmental protection.We firmly believe that Led lighting products will become the most important lighting products.


We will produce the most reliable lighting products and let people easy to get them to let the energy saving and environmental protection Led products light the future through our continuing effort..